The Worlds First “True” Projector Phone Shows Up in Shenzhen (Video!)

The world’s first bona fide projector phone has shown up on the streets of the Shanzhai Captial of the world. If you want a peek at what the future cell phones could look like then you’ve got to check this out.


HTC’s Got Something Up Their Sleeve!

HTC’s got a press conference planned for Oct 7th in China and it’s got the tech nuts, like us, here all a-buzz! After their London press conference on the 15th of this month and their release of the Desire HD and the Evo 4G, what can we expect from them in China next week?


iFans, Improve Your iLife With An iArm

Although the winter holidays are still a few months away, we’ve found you the perfect gift for any iTardFan. You’ll be amazed at what it can do!

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New Apple Peel 520 Gives your iPod Touch Super Powers!

The Chinese company, Yosion Technology, has just released what is possibly one of the best iTouch accessories of all time. If you own a generation 1, 2, or 3 iPod Touch but secretly always wanted an iPhone, then this simple gadget is your wet dream. The best part is, it’s a fraction of the cost of an iPhone.

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iFans Attacked/Embraced by Apple Employees at iPhone 4 Release!

The wait is over for many Apple fans who today were FINALLY able to officially purchase the iPhone 4! Thousands of excited iFans lined up to be the first in China to be blessed with gods Steve Jobs latest tech for the iLife.

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New Heavyweight Tablet Contender (Video!)

Over the last few months we’ve see many a Tablet PC which have tried to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPad, and most quite unsuccessfully, until now. We’ve finally found a Chinese Shanzhai tablet that may be the first to be capable of putting up a real fight against the iPad’s onslaught, and it’s in a totally different weight category.

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“Net Wind” Sweeps Through Jinan City! (Video)

Recently, the Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau seized more than 600 arcade gambling machines after sting operations on local gambling dens throughout the city. This is all part of an ongoing gambling investigation which has been dubbed “Net Wind”.

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Kindle 3 – WIN!

Although it’s a little late, Amazon is fighting back and in good fashion. The Kindle 3 boasts a 6” Display that’s clearer than ever. It’s lighter, and smaller than its older siblings, and with a battery life of up to one month (with the wifi switched off) it’s by far the most convenient e-reader to date. The latest Kindle comes with all these features and many more for only US$ 139.00, which will make it much more competitive in Chinese markets. The release of Kindle 3 in the US on August 27th of this year, and the release in China sometime in the near future, the Kindle will surely be back on the map soon.


Kindle 2 – FAIL!

Over the years many products have claimed to be the wave of the future. We’ve been taking a look at how the Kindle Amazon Kindle is faring in the Chinese markets (whose company has claimed it was just that), and what its outlook is for the future.


BlackBerry Tour 9630 vs. its Shanzhai Cousin

We’ve discovered that there are tons of fun and interesting Shanzhai products in the treasure trove that is the Chinese Grey Market that deserve to go head to head with their genuine counter-parts. Many of these products are also available through Chinese companies looking to share their redesigns with you.

This week we pit the popular BlackBerry Tour 9630 against its Shanzhai cousin. If you were to only take a quick glance at the two phones you would barely be able to notice the differences between the two. Both have sleek contoured designs that would fit easily in to any pocket, and both come equipped with full QWERTY keyboards for quick and easy emailing and texting. But which one of these two will come out on top?