China Customs Wants Your iMoney

Apparently the Chinese customs have implemented a tax for individuals entering the mainland with iPhone 4s or iPads from Hong Kong. Because the iPhone and iPad are both priced lower in Hong Kong than in mainland China, many Grey Market retailers have been “smuggling” them in to make more of a profit. It’s clear that the authorities have caught on, but their new mandate is a bit over the top.


China’s Youku Surpasses Youtube

It seems that the internet’s largest and most used video website,, has relinquished its title. It’s been reported that, China’s most visited video website, has claimed the new title. People have begun to realize that with China’s reported 420 Million internet users (more than the U.S. and Germany combined), the country will have a huge impact on the future of the internet globally. Companies, such as facebook, have begun to come up with strategies on how to break in to the Chinese online market.

Sources: Bloomberg

BYD’s Tablet PC Spotted in the Open

The Chinese company BYD, best known for its automobile manufacturing, will be the first to release their own Tablet PC abroad. Many have heard about the Shanzhai iPad clones that have made their way on to the market in China. For months many of the these products have been making their way in to the Western markets, through drop shippers and companies such as Lightinthebox and Dealextreme. This marks the beginning of a push by Chinese tech companies to enter Western markets directly.


Blackberry Has Its Eye on China

After the P&T COMM EXPO China 2010 last week, it’s very clear that the EYE OF SAURON BLACKBERRY is on China. Designers in Shenzhen have been doing a great job at developing well made Shanzhai Blackberrys recently, and they’ve been selling just as well. Blackberry has noticed this and are now making a play at the Chinese who (although completely obsessed with the iPhone at the moment) are always looking for the latest tech on the market.

Sources: Tech.Sina

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is Changing his China Tactics

Although Mark Zuckerberg’s depiction in The Social Network was all but flattering, the man definitely knows how to make his billions. As it stands currently, Facebook is completely blocked in China. It seems like Facebook may be trying to change this and break its way in to the Chinese market in the near future. This announcement of a planned change in tactics came from the mouth of the CEO himself during an interview at Y Combinator’s entrepreneurship/startup school yesterday.


The Jetsons Have Moved to China

Over the weekend we spent some time trolling the streets of Beijing and made a startling discovery. The Jetsons have made a move from the relative paradise of Orbit City to humble streets of China’s capital. Unfortunately they’ve had to downgrade from their flying car to something a little less space age.


This Week in the Gadgets Republic

This week in the Gadgets Republic!

  • Foxconn’s employee suicides come back to haunt them
  • iPhone 4.1 breaks out of jail!
  • Darth Vader shuts down the production of the Meizu M8
  • The P&T Telecommunications Expo takes place in Beijing
  • All the details after the break!


    News from P&T EXPO COMM China 2010 – ZTE

    Monday brought the beginning of the P&T Telecommunications Expo 2010 in Beijing. More than 500 companies from China, the U.S., Canada, Finland, and 15 other countries showed off their latest in mobile communication technology. We’ve been keeping our eye on the convention to bring you the newest products due to hit the market in the near future. Tablet PC’s and Cell phones were the main order of the week, and there are a few that have been getting a lot of attention.


    Steve Jobs Makes an Appearance in Hong Kong (Video)

    Steve Jobs made an appearance the other day in Hong Kong to discuss the release of the new iOS mobile app for the MTR(Hong Kong subway system) is releasing for…wait, what the what!? Who is this guy? Give me a second to regroup…

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    Shanzhai iMac hits the market

    Even though there’s been a lot going on in the way of news lately, we haven’t forgotten to keep an eye on the Shanzhai. There have been a few hot products that have been hitting the grey markets recently including one very attractive iMac doppelganger.