China Mobile and Apple Enter Into “Cooperation Agreement”

It’s been reported that Apple and China Mobile, China’s largest mobile service provider, have entered into a “cooperation agreement”. China Mobile has over 570 million subscribers but is not an “authorized” reseller of the iPhone, although all iPhones in China are “unlocked’ and able to work with any network. The Wall Street Journal reported that a website was set up by China Mobile to help its users trim their SIM card so that it could fit inside the iPhone 4, which requires a microSIM. All this was in an attempt at drawing in more iPhone users who were signing with their main competitor China Unicom. If China Mobile begins selling their own iPhones the this may solve the issue entirely.

Source: Appleinsider

Some Chinese Schools To Begin Using Cell Phones To Teach

Riding on the coat tales of yesterdays toy gadget story, The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that it is developing a system of teaching children using cell phone games. While using the multimedia word game, children will be asked to recognize and write strokes from a specific character sent to a cell phone provided by the school. The program is expected to be a valuable tool for many schools in rural areas which lack adequate teachers and advanced educational equipment due to insufficient funding. Tian Feng, an associate professor with the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing believes that the program can also be used by foreigners interested in learning Chinese characters. The CAS program is now waiting for software and mobile partners so they can begin distribution.

Source: Global Times

China Unicom Will Release Its Own Phone By Years-End

China Unicom, China’s only telecommunications operator to sell the iPhone, is rolling out it’s own smartphone. It’s been named the UPhone and is slated to come out sometime before the end of this year. The phone comes with it’s own Knowing Steve Jobs/Apple and how protective they are of their intellectual property, I wouldn’t be surprised if China Unicom is forced to change the name or risk losing their supply of iPhones. The UPhone will run on a “totally new” operating system developed based on Linux, but I doubt that will make much difference.

The limited details released by Unicom today make the UPhone sound more like a low-end smartphone rather than a product comparable with the iPhone, said Paul Wuh, a Hong Kong- based analyst at Samsung Securities Co.

Not really any surprises there…

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Shanzhai Gadget Teaches Your Toddler How to Text, Blackberry Style

The Chinese came up with one of the world’s original teaching tools thousands of years ago (i.e. writing), and now they’ve come up with a slightly more modern one. This gadget may look like Blackberry, but it’s in fact a simple water toy like the ones popular in the 80′s. It’s the perfect tool for getting your toddlers used to texting. Good idea to get them started young, as it’ll probably be the only form of communication they’ll be using once they hit age 12.

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Introducing the F10, Bares an Uncanny Resemblance to the Sony Ericsson X10

The F10 smartphone is even more proof that Chinese Shanzhai phone manufacturers aren’t scared of anyone. In this case, it’s Sony Ericsson who’s getting shown the middle-finger by the boys and girls in Shenzhen.

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China Designs and Builds Its First Jumbo Jet

Yesterday China announced the release of it’s first ever locally designed and built jumbo jet, the C919. The announcement was made at the 8th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong provice in Southern China. The jet could be taking off by as early as 2014 and be delivered to airlines for commercial use by 2016. I say “could be” because with the way some Chinese manufacturers cut corners, I’m not sure that the jet will make it off the ground. Still…it’s a step in the right direction for China.

Sources: Xinhua and China Daily via MICGadget

Lawsuits Filed Against Apple and the Patent Bureau in China

We thought that the battle between Apple and Meizu had long been over after the blow Apple struck about a month ago. We were wrong. A Shanghai based company, Luoen Network Information, is actually suing Apple and the Chinese Patent Bureau on the basis that Apple’s iPhone design patents are in fact invalid.


This Week in the Gadgets Republic

This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

  • China’s Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun
  • The Hanvon Color E-Book Reader To Hit The Market in February 2011
  • ZTE’s Peel 3200 is Sprinting to the States on Sunday
  • Tenecent and 360 Are Scolded By The Chinese Government
  • MSN Merges With China’s Larget Online News Portal, Sina
  • Sprint Drops Huawei and ZTE Over National Security Concerns
  • Chinese Government Admits iDevice Tax Is Too High
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    Must Have Office Gadget

    Have you ever had anything “disappear” in the office fridge? A few weeks back, we told you about some great USB gadgets that are perfect for keeping you sane at work. Well, we’ve found another. Introducing the Mini-USB fridge, and it’s the perfect way to keep your work day snacks and drinks cool without worrying about some fridge pirate looting your stuff. It’s got enough space for a 12oz Coke can, chocolates for ladies, and our personal favorite, coconut milk (it’s a China thing).

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    Sweet Mini Camera Takes Videos Too!

    We took a look at some of the grey markets the other day and came across this Mini Camera that some of the vendors were selling. Upon closer inspection, we realized that this thing not only takes pretty decent pictures (for it’s size) but also records video. It’s really small and actually comes with a motion activation mode that allows you to use it like a spycam. You can see that compared to this 3rd generation iTouch it’s It’s a pretty multi-talented gadget and only cost us 350 RMB (about $50 US). If you’re keen on grabbing one, we found it for about the same price on

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