A Look at the CiPhone Pro and iPhone 4 Side By Side (Video)

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The CiPhone Pro is one of the more anticipated Shanzhai iPhone 4 clones to be hitting the market soon, and for good reason. It ACTUALLY looks almost identical to the iPhone, and runs pretty damn smooth as well. Only thing that’s doesn’t look the same is the price tag — and we’re happy about that. Here’s a look at the CiPhone Pro side by side with the iPhone 4.

CiPhone Pro – front

CiPhone Pro – back

In your hand the CiPhone Pro feels almost the same as the real machine. The manufacturers have used aluminum alloy instead of the typical Shanzhai plastic to build the body which gives it that metallic texture and heavier feels.

On top is the same 3.5mm headphone jack and power button

Same front facing camera location as the iPhone 4

Volume control and mute toggle buttons

SIM card slot on the side. Requires and cut SIM, but the manufacturers are kind enough to include a cutter with the phone. Also, there’s a cover for the slot, so it basically vanishes.

Both the speakers and USB data port are identical to the iPhone 4.

The CiPhone Pro comes packed with an MTK6516 dual-core processor clocked at 460Mhz+280Mhz, but the CPU only supports HVGA screen resolution. It’s aslo got 512MB ROM and 256MB of RAM which ensures that the device has enough memory to run multiple programs smoothly. It comes pre-installed with Dual OS’, including WP7 and Android 2.2. In the end you’ll wanna run Android 2.2 on the phone as it will run a bit smoother, and in my personal opinion is an overall better OS. The current official price is quoted at 1499 RMB (~US $225) for the 8GB model, but no word yet on the 16GB one. Every time I learn more about the CiPhone, I’m more and more impressed.

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