Android App Created By Volunteers to Combat Child Trafficking

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Along with the news that Weibo is developing it’s own PC client, comes the news that an android app has been created for Weibo to combat child trafficking in China. The development of the app has come about after Yu Jiangrong, a Chinese University Professor and famous human rights activist and sociologist, created a microblog to end child abduction and forced child-beggars.

Professor Yu Jianrong’s campaign @随手拍照解救乞讨儿童 (literal translation ~ Snap a picture to save a child) already has about 152,000 followers while @Yujianrong is up to a staggering 380,000 followers. One enthusiastic volunteer decided to put their skills to good use and designed an android app specifically for assist with the locating of abducted children.

The app is called 乞讨儿童数据库, or the Beggar Children Database, and makes it simple for any android user to get involved in the movement. Basically all you have to do is take a picture of local beggar children or street children and post it to your Weibo account @随手拍照解救乞讨儿童 along with information about the location of the child and the child will be added to the database. This is a fantastic way to help reunite abducted children with their parents, and if you live anywhere in China please get involved. No app has yet been made for the iPhone, but hopefully one will become available soon.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can get the app here!

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Source: Shanghaiist

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