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Razer has been known for more than a decade as one of the world’s premier gaming peripheral designers. Last year they released the Naga, which became an instant hit amongst hardcore MMO gamers, visa vi *points to self*. This year they’ve released a special edition of the Naga that’s not only a perfect gaming tool, but also just looks plain sexy.

The special edition Naga has the same fantastic functionality and feel as the original, and comes with 17 buttons that are “MMO Optimized” (who knows what that means?). Both of these models are due to be shipped next month with prices set at RMB 625 (approx. US$ 95), which is only a tiny bit more expensive than the original. If you’re not still not convinced, imagine how accomplished you’ll feel when your mom hot girlfriend compliments you on your new peripheral.

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For those of you on a slightly tighter budget, I would suggest designing your own gaming mouse like one Chinese netizen had the smarts to do. In all honesty it looks like this guy put a lot of work in to the thing and it shows.

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It’s pretty difficult to make out from the colors he used or the designs he glued on, but this gamer’s quite a big Iron Man fan.

Don’t be ashamed, it took us a while to catch that too…

UPDATE: Razer has just released another addition to it’s Naga line with the Naga Epic. It’s essentially the same as the new special edition Naga, but it’s wireless, meaning you can now get all your gaming done with less clutter on your desk. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 12 straight hours of gaming use, and around 72 hours of typical usage. One of the cool things about the Naga Epic is it comes with add-ons that let you customize how it fits in your hand, for added comfort. It’s also got a 16 million color back-light illumination that probably gives off a pretty eerie glow if you do your gaming in the dark, that you can show off to all 2 of your friends. It’s priced a bit higher than its siblings, at US$ 129, but is totally worth being known as 31337 (elite to those not up with the hacker speak).

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