Beijing Government Plans to Track Citizens Using Cell Phones

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These days big brother always has an eye on you. Whether it be via security cameras in the subway or at your local super market, someone is always watching. The Beijing Government has decided to take it even one step further. They plan to implement a program to monitor the movements of the 17 million cellphone users in Beijing by tracking the signal of their mobile devices. What’s next? GPS Tracking implants under the skin?

The new program literally translated as “Platform for Citizen Movement Information” is supposedly being put in to place to help better transportation throughout the city.

Li Guoguang, Deputy Director of Social Development believes that cellular location technology for real-time user tracking is an efficient way to establish a public information platform for travelling. Whenever a user switches on their phone, it will automatically transmit signals to the base station and the government can easily determine the user’s location and general direction. Using this data, combined with dynamic analysis, the staff will be able to target specific areas at different times and track the general flow of travel and population distribution. – TNW

*Cough, bullshit, cough*. That whole explanation sounds a bit too good to be true. Honestly, I think they’re better off being honest and using my GPS tracking implant idea. It’s so futuristic and just sounds way cooler. Like I never always say, “honesty is the best policy”!

What do you think about the government tracking your every move?

If you wanna read the full press release, head over to the Beijing Municipal People’s Government website.

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Source: TNW

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