Beijing Prepared to Build Its Second Airport

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According to a China Daily report, construction of Beijing’s second airport is due to begin sometime this year. This new airport is planned to handle a capacity of at least 60 million passengers a year, which would help to ease some of the traffic pressure at Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). BCIA is now the world’s second largest airport in terms of passenger traffic after handling 73.9 million passengers last year, below Atlanta International and above London’s Heathrow Airport.

“It is very urgent that we start building the second airport in Beijing now. It is now impossible to add even one more flight to the tight daily schedule of the capital airport,” Li Jiaxiang, head of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

Li estimates that the investment needed for the project will be a whopping “100 Billion yuan (~US $15 Billion)“. No word on the exact location of the new airport, but some civil aviation officials have been quoted as saying that it will be in Daxing district in Southern Beijing. The capitals second airport is one of 11 new airports that the CAAC plans to build in 2011.

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Source: China Daily

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