Check Out Shenzhen’s Heavy-Duty Side, The GS30 (Updated)

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Many of the tablets coming out of Shenzhen have lacked that heavy-duty feel in your hands. Well this little Shanzhai beauty is changing all that. Introducing AGSO Shenzhen Technology’s No-Name GS30 9.7″ Tablet which comes loaded up with Android 2.2. Just like the feel, the specs on this puppy are pretty heavy-duty.

To support Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo the GS30 comes equipped with a powerful Cortex-A8 core 1Ghz Samsung PC110 processor. The processor combined with the 512MB of RAM it’s loaded with, gives this tablet pretty good multi-tasking abilities and speed. You’ll also be impressed by it’s LG designed IPS capacitive touch-screen that has 1024×768 resolution. It’s 2 mega-pixel front facing camera, and 5 mega-pixel rear… To power all this hardware, the GS30 comes with a 6800mAh battery which adds to the weight, but should allow for extended use.

To add to it’s heavy-duty feel, AGSO have designed the GS30 with a brushed metal back shell, but this also adds to the weight. All told the tablet weighs about 800g (~1.76 lbs), which isn’t so bad considering the rugged feel and large battery. Unfortunately you can only get an optional 4-16 GB’s of hard-drive space, but that’ll likely be upgradeable. The software debugging will supposedly be finished in march, so hopefully we’ll expect to see them on the shelves (online) sometime later that month. Still no word on the price yet though.

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