China to Crackdown on Music Downloads

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Yesterday, China’s Ministry of Culture ordered local music websites to discontinue their playback and download services for all songs that “may not” have been approved by the authorities. In their statement they named 100 songs that have not been officially approved including some new pop/hip hop hits, but haven’t said anything about which websites are being targeted. All of this seems to be in some sort of vain attempt at enforcing copyright laws.

The list of banned songs includes “Cold Wind Blows” by Eminiem, “Push That Knot Away” by KT Tunstall and “Grenade” by Bruno Mars (omg, lol, that’s my fave!). Chinese search engines and media website will have to “immediately cancel” this music by the 28th of February, or expect consequences.

Websites providing playback and download services of these songs might have committed copyright infringement and they severely disturbed the order of the country’s online music market. – Ministry Statement

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly trust in the government’s ability to enforce their own copyright laws, even with their boosted efforts.

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Source: China Daily

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