China Unicom Plans to Dominate China with its own WoPhone OS

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China Unicom, one of the largest telecommunications providers in China (and my provider), have announced that they plan to release an in house brand of phones running on an operating system also developed in house. The operating system is know as “WoPhone”, and just to clarify for those of you who speak/read Chinese, it’s 沃 (Wo in the 4th tone, meaning fertile or rich), not 我 (Wo in the 3rd tone, which means Me or I). Obviously, were it the latter the direct translation would have been “I”Phone, proving the sad lack of creativity had by the designers.

The WoPhone operating system has been designed primarily to run on phones and tablets, and is based on Linux. The list of companies that have so far lined up to produce phones running the OS include ZTE, Huawei, and TCL from China. A few foreign companies are jumping on the bandwagon, including Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

The fact that the project is backed by Chinese government agencies including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology doesn’t make me more optimistic about the OS in the least. The only thing that WoPhone has going for it so far is the fact that it’s due to run on phones like the K-Touch U2 and TCL C5800. Both of which will be priced at around RMB 1500 (~ US$ 228).

How do YOU think the WoPhone will fair in the Chinese market?

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Sources: TNW, Cnet

The character means fertile or rich. It’s the one character brand name of China Unicoms 3G service, and can be seen in all of their advertising in China.

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