China Unicom Will Release Its Own Phone By Years-End

Posted by Greg | November 18, 2010  |  1 Comment

China Unicom, China’s only telecommunications operator to sell the iPhone, is rolling out it’s own smartphone. It’s been named the UPhone and is slated to come out sometime before the end of this year. The phone comes with it’s own Knowing Steve Jobs/Apple and how protective they are of their intellectual property, I wouldn’t be surprised if China Unicom is forced to change the name or risk losing their supply of iPhones. The UPhone will run on a “totally new” operating system developed based on Linux, but I doubt that will make much difference.

The limited details released by Unicom today make the UPhone sound more like a low-end smartphone rather than a product comparable with the iPhone, said Paul Wuh, a Hong Kong- based analyst at Samsung Securities Co.

Not really any surprises there…

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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