China’s First Augmented Reality App, Senscape, Hits China

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China’s just taken their first step in the world of AR (Augement Reality) with the introduction of Senscape’s mobile AR App. The guys over at TechNode recently had the chance to interview the minds behind this awesome development.

How the team came together

There are three founders, Allen Lu, Hang Bo and Tan Lin. Allen and Tan Lin met at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, one of the most prestigious in China. Before founding Senscape, Allen was at Akamai China. Tan Lin formerly worked with Hang Bo at Computer Associates.

From social media to augmented reality – how the idea evolved

The three originally started thinking about creating a social media browser, after being inspired by Rockmelt (backed by Marc Andreesen). “But the timing in China was not right”. They then decided to create a mobile browser using AR because they saw mobile becoming more powerful with sensors like a camera, GPS, compass accelerometer etc. They discovered they could get the data from the mobile sensors, capture and organize it in the servers, add content and augment it. So they sized the opportunity in AR and started Senscape in February 2010.

“Senscape is a platform for developers to build on top with an api, for content providers they can upload their data, for end users they just need to download the apps using Senscape to interact with AR. It’s a very user friendly platform.” via TechNode

Check out the full interview over at TechNode!

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Sources: TechNode via GizChina

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