China’s Ministry of Truth’s Latest Directives – WikiLeaks and Japan

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China’s Ministry of Censorship Truth has released it’s latest “directives” pertaining to topics in the media and on the internet. These directives are issued to the media and/or to internet companies by various central (and sometimes local) government authorities, and are eventually leaked. This weeks directives include the infamous WikiLeaks, as well as “anti-japan” rhetoric.

Here’s a few of the directives in English and in Chinese:


February 17, 2011

From the State Council Information Office: It is not permitted in any form to repost or report information related to the distorted reports and malicious hype found on WikiLeaks that implicate the diplomacy, exchange reserves and investments, and other sensitive problems. All on-line interactive spaces are to thoroughly search out this type of information and immediately delete it.



“F**k You Japan”

February 20, 2011

From the State Council Information Office: All interactive sites, including on-line forums, blogs, micro-blogs, instant message services, and text message services are requested to note and delete information related to the item “On CCTV’s Soccer Tonight (Zuqiu zhi ye), a sign reading ‘F**k You Japan’ is displayed in the background on the giant screen.”


国新办:请各互动栏目,包括论坛,博客,微博,即使通讯和SNS注意删除有关“《足球之夜》背景大屏幕挂出F**K YOU JAPAN”有关的信息。

The Ministry of Truth comes out with weekly updated directives. I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on some of the best ones out there.

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Source: CDT

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