China’s Online Population Rises to 457 Million!

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Many Chinese don’t have home computers, but instead surf the web at massive internet cafe’s

The number of internet users in China has risen to a staggering 457 million in 2010. That’s more the entire population of the United States and Russia combined! The news comes from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) whose latest shows an increase of more that 73.3 million internet users in the last year. By the numbers that’s an increase of 5.4 percent year on year, and which now means that approximately 34.3 percent of Chinese citizens use the internet. What’s even more impressive is the number of new mobile web users….

The number of mobile internet users in China grew by 69.3 million in 2010, and mobile users now account for approximately 66.2 percent of the China’s total internet users. The number of online shoppers in China also increased by a whopping 48.6 percent, while the number of e-banking and online pay users grew by 48.2% and 45.8% respectively.

Despite harsher measures on network security management, about 45.8 percent of Internet users encountered virus or Trojans, while 21.8 percent of them were victims of account and password embezzlement.

The one thing that absolutely blows for internet users in China (ie: sometimes yours-truly), is the fact that although 98.3 percent of them boast a broadband connection, the average network speed is around 100.9 KB/s. That’s WAY behind the world’s average of 230.4 KB/s.

Source: CriEnglish

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  2. [...] announced that its internet population had reached a staggering 457 Million at the end of 2010, and this I’m sure this increase in mobile and 3G users adds to this [...]

  3. [...] announced that its internet population had reached a staggering 457 Million at the end of 2010, and this I’m sure this increase in mobile and 3G users adds to this number. [...]

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