Chinese Authorities Crackdown on Shanzhai in Shenzhen (Video)

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It’s been reported that there was a crackdown on Shanzhai phone factories last week in Shenzhen. The authorities confiscated more than 4800 Shanzhai phones and 8000 units of other Shanzhai hardware. 9 people were also arrested in the raids for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement. Could this be the beginning of the end for Shanzhai knockoffs?

Well we don’t think so, but the government has definitely been taking more interest in protecting IPR recently. Some believe it’s a response to the publicity the SoPhone (an excellent iPhone clone) has been getting in the local media recently. We have a firm belief that the government will eventually find another cause and lose interest, so keep your pantie hose on.

Crackdown Video

Source: Shanghai Daily via MICGadget

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