Chinese Honeycomb Tablet Coming Soon

Posted by Greg | February 11, 2011  |  1 Comment

With all the hype about Android 3.0 this year, it’s no surprise that the Chinese now have their first tablet optimized Honeycomb device coming out soon. From what Andi over at GizChina has found out about this device, which was leaked to him via a worker at the manufacture, it should be the perfect introduction to the next generation of Shanzhai tablets. This is bound to become the new trend, and as an Android lover myself I’m hoping will eventually replace the obsession that is the iTard lifestyle.

Head over to GizChina for the full scoop!

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  1. [...] of the Motorola Xoom, and Chinese manufacturers have been quick to proclaim they’ll be soon releasing Android 3.0 tablets of their own. It seemed as though Android 2.3 would be completely skipped, until we saw [...]

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