“Net Wind” Sweeps Through Jinan City! (Video)

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Gambling Machines are rounded into a circle of DEATH…

Recently, the Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau seized more than 600 arcade gambling machines after sting operations on local gambling dens throughout the city. This is all part of an ongoing gambling investigation which has been dubbed “Net Wind”.

“Net Wind” has been a priority investigation for the Jinan City Police since July 14th of this year. They’ve sent out more than 7,000 officers to different entertainment establishments more than 1,600 times to investigate 685 alleged “pornography and gambling” criminal suspects. All of this was done in an attempt to curb the amount of illegal underground gambling in the City.

As some sort of a PR stunt, the Jinan Police decided to put the (poor helpless) arcade machines to death. In all seriousness though, this was probably a necessary step for Chinese authorities in a country where gambling has become a serious problem.

Chinese gambling issues has been a very common topic this year. Many online gambling rings have already been broken up in China, as the Chinese government has made this a national initiative.

Check out the destruction!

Sources: Dazhong via Gizmodo,

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