DigiWars: Mark’s Decision, Who Will Facebook Collaborate With?

Posted by Greg | April 15, 2011  |  1 Comment

This week in ZenithKnight’s DigiWars, we’ve decided to translate a comic that’s pretty relevant to the times. It’s a commentary on Facebook’s looming return to the Chinese mainland and what the outcome of this return may be. Could a Facebook collaboration with any Chinese company actually have a positive result?

If you’re not laughing or at least chuckling right now then that means one of two things. Either you’re not geeky enough to understand any of this, or you plain don’t understand the joke. “Fei Si Ba Ke” sounds like Facebook when spoken quickly in Chinese, and the literal translation of which is “Must Die”. When you put Baidu and “Fei Si Ba Ke” together, it basically says “Baidu Must Die!”…subliminal messaging?

My interpretation of the comic is that ZenithKnight believes Facebook is here to start killing off the Chinese internet companies like Baidu and Sina, and make way for more western internet companies to enter. What’s your opinion? And do you think Facebook will be able to succeed where others (like Google) have failed?

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Source: ZenithKnight

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  1. MC Germany says:

    Good comic!! Very ingenious and crystal clear at driving the message. Of course the translation helps a lot.

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