DigiWars: Does Size Matter To You?

Posted by Greg | March 17, 2011  |  5 Comments

I recently came across some pretty hilarious comic strips on a Chinese blogger’s Weibo account and thought, “who would appreciate these more than my loyal readers!?” They’re drawn by Zenith Knight, a blogger who’s created these as part of his new comic titled DigiWar.

How important is size to you? Scroll down for the full comic strip…

Seeeeee Apple!? you haven’t got the smallest everything, now do you!?….Wait, What? As I’m sure you know, I’m no Apple fan, but you gotta admit this is pretty funny. Zenith Knight says he’ll be posting 3 comic strips per week, so I’ll do my best to find the funniest ones and translate them just for you!

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Source: ZenithKnight

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