Dual Boot Windows and Android 2.2 Tablet (Video!)

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We’ve seen plenty of dual-boot OS Shanzhai phones over past months, but not so many tablets. Viewsonic’s ViewPad 10 was a nice introduction to dual-boot tablets, but at US$ 400 it was a bit overpriced. Well there’s finally a dual-boot tablet with the right specs, the right price, and comes straight out of Shenzhen to boot.

This (unnamed) tablet comes packed to the brim with some pretty impressive hardware. It runs on the Atom N455 1Ghz processor, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 16GB internal hard-drive. In the demo the tablet is running on Android 1.6, but the manufactures have promised an update to Android 2.2 before most will be able to even get their hands on one.

Extras include a micro SD/TF card reader, Mini VGA output, 2 USB ports, and most importantly a built in 3G SIM card slot for mobile internet. With all this hardware packed together the tablet packs quite a wallop, and with a price tag of only US$ 305 it’s a steal compared to ViewSonic’s ViewPad 10.

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Sources: MicDigi via GizChina

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