Evil Genius Puts iOS 4 on an HTC

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It looks like the copycats out there are gonna be out of a job because a Chinese Jedi software developer seems to have found a way to transport using his mind iOS 4 on to an HTC smart phone.

The Chinese have been cloning just about everything “apple” they’ve been able to get their hands on. This included the iOS UI which has become a favorite amongst Chinese smart phone users, and which because of its popularity its been put in all the latest Shanzhai tech.

There are two videos and as you can see it actually looks just like iOS 4 as if it were running on an iPhone 3GS. Most things seem to work quite well, but according to the developer the Camera and SMS functions don’t. No way to tell if the HTC in the video is legit but I don’t really think that’d make any difference. There’s of course no way to be 100% sure that this is a genuine copy of iOS 4, but if it is isn’t it’s a fantastic clone!

If this is all real, there will soon be no point for Chinese consumers to purchase genuine apple products. Why would you pay US$ 900 for an iPhone 4 at an apple store when you could head to the black market and get phone with near identical specs and a copy of iOS 4 for a quarter the price?

See the proof for yourself…

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