Facebook Coming To China? Link With Baidu Rumored.

Posted by Greg | April 12, 2011  |  1 Comment

After Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Beijing back in December, rumors began to fly of the possible return of Facebook to China. Certain things have come to light and it seems the rumors are true, but the question now is, who will the social networking giant partner up with this go around?

Of all the options available, Sina, Tenecent, Baidu, China Mobile, etc etc, it seems that Baidu are likely to be the partners in this choice. After Mark Zuckerberg’s visit, the number of Chinese users spiked drastically due to rumors of Facebook’s entry, and chances are they’ll do the same again soon.

As the story unfolds we’ll do our best to keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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Sources: GizChina, TechRice, TechNode

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