Hacked iTunes Accounts Available on China’s Most Popular Online Retailer

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It’s been reported, and I’ve just confirmed, that hacked US iTunes accounts are being sold on TaoBao.com. The worst part is that these hacked accounts come with (possibly your) full credit card information. Apple’s really dropped the ball on this one…

screen-shot of a search I made on taobao

TaoBao is the most popular online retailer in China, with over 190 million registered users, and an overall alexa.com rank of 13 (3rd in China). When questioned Thursday by the AFP, the company had this to say.

“[We've taken] all reasonable and necessary measures to protect the rights of consumers” and could not act unless it received a formal request to remove the ads.

“At this time, we have not received any information from Apple or any other principal related to the iTunes accounts indicating that these products either violate our listing rules or infringe on the IP of others.” ~ via AFP

No word yet on Apple’s response to this breach of security. Clearly your iTunes account isn’t as safe and secure as they’d have you believe. Apple does suggest that you change your password frequently to avoid such occurrences, but that’s only a temporary fix. Will Apple do anything to help solve the issue in the long run?

Source: AFP

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