Hipad Aims to OutFox Apple

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These days, Chinese tech companies are becoming more confident in their own abilities to create quality goods. Good news for cash conscious consumers: Xiamen Xin Hua Yang Lin (some Chinese tech company) have introduced their latest tablet PC — “Elegant Fox” Hipad — which they’re claiming is even better than Apple’s iPad.

The designers have packed their Foxy Hipad with a Freescale 1.2Ghz processor, which is of course faster than the 1.0Ghz Apple A4 processor which powers the iPad. Because both processors use the ARM A8 core, you can actually expect the Hipad to perform better than the iPad with the increase in speed.

This new technology, compared to Apple’s iPad is more powerful, more beautiful in appearance, and cheaper, thus making it more competitive [than the iPad]. – Chairman of Xiamen Xin Hua Yang Lin

It’s reported that Xiamen Xin Hua Yang will officially launch the “Elegant Fox” Hipad sometime this month priced at only one-third that of the iPad. No word yet on what OS the device will run, but we’re hoping for the tablet version of Android 2.2. Currently Xiamen Xin Hua Yang have reportedly received overseas orders for nearly 10,000 units from customers around the globe. If the rumored specs are true, then I think we can only expect that number to rise. We’ll keep you updated as more info is released!

Source: Shanzhaiji

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