How Many Rubs Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Shanzhai Phone? (Video!)

Posted by Greg | January 10, 2011  |  No Comment

Shanzhai manufacturers have FINALLY realized that they’ve overplayed the whole “iPhone 4 clone” fad. To counter this they’ve begun to innovate, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. This whole situation has a few upsides for me/you. The upsides are that soon enough I won’t have to see another damned iPhone 4 clone ever again! Another upside…I’ll get to start playing with things like this.

Introducing the F208 from NCIKA…like NOKIA but retarded looking. The phone isn’t packed with much to write home to your parents about (Dual-SIM, Front/Back facing cameras, MTK OS, etc) but it does have one thing that’s worth taking a look at. Check out the video…and skip ahead to about 2 minutes 10 seconds for the happy ending!

Pretty cool trick huh? Practice makes perfect my grandpa always said, and that trick definitely requires some practice/really thick skin. According to the description, the person in the video lost about 3 layers off their palm. Nothing a little turpentine can’t take care of.

Source: M8cool

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