iFans Attacked/Embraced by Apple Employees at iPhone 4 Release!

Posted by Greg | September 25, 2010  |  2 Comments

The wait is over for many Apple fans who today were FINALLY able to officially purchase the iPhone 4! Thousands of excited iFans lined up to be the first in China to be blessed with gods Steve Jobs latest tech for the iLife.

Some people have been waiting in line for more than two days (AGAIN!?) to get their hands on the iPhone 4. Those who couldn’t be bothered to wait have been hiring migrant farmers to wait in line and purchase the iPhone 4 for them.

The iPhone 4 has been priced without a contract at RMB 4,999 (US$ 744) for the 16GB model and RMB 5,999 (US$ 893) for the 32GB model. If you’re a REAL iFan then I guess it’s worth it, but otherwise we’d just buy one in the US for a few hundred bucks less. China Unicom offers the iPhone 4 with a contract 2 year contract for a bit less, but most people headed to the Apple store to be a part of the pyscho atmosphere.

More Pictures and Videos of crazy people:

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