Introducing the F10, Bares an Uncanny Resemblance to the Sony Ericsson X10

Posted by Greg | November 17, 2010  |  No Comment

The F10 smartphone is even more proof that Chinese Shanzhai phone manufacturers aren’t scared of anyone. In this case, it’s Sony Ericsson who’s getting shown the middle-finger by the boys and girls in Shenzhen.

The F10 comes with a 3″ TFT touchscreen that is similar in responsiveness to that of the H8 we previously reviewed. The screen could definitely be a bit bigger, but the fact it’s compact means that it’ll fit comfortably in your pocket. The phone comes with all the standard smartphone features, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front and back facing camera’s, but don’t expect pictures to be too amazing. One of the cool features of the F10 is the handwritten input function for texting. Although you can use the typical touchscreen keyboard, this function can actually be a bit quicker and easier.

The phone’s manufacturers have gone out of their way to make the F10 look as much like it’s Sony Ericsson counterpart as possible. Details such as the logo, buttons and camera placement are ripped off shamelessly. This suggests that even with monster tech companies like Apple attacking Chinese phone makers like Meizu over intellectual property, Shanzhai manufacturers aren’t scared. The F10 is also proof of the trend of decreasing numbers of new iPhone 4 clones, as the iPhone 4 fad in China begins to subside.

Sources: SonyEricsson, LightInTheBox

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