iPad 2 Gets Certified in China, Due to Release Within a Month!

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Apple’s iPad 2 has officially received China’s Compulsory Certification (3C), which is basically a license that each product must receive before being sold on the mainland. The iPad 2′s certification signals a an imminent release of the device in China, some industry experts say within a month.

Apple’s been doing tremendously well in China, not just with the iPad but as a whole. There has been high demand for the iPad and we expect to see high demand for the iPad 2 as well, as tablet sales in general boom. – Bryan Ma, analyst at research firm IDC, via WSJ

The iPad is already being sold “illegally” at grey markets throughout China since it’s release in early March, but for a massive premium. With the popularity of Apple growing exponentially in China, I wouldn’t be surprised if the release of the iPad 2 here turns out to be somewhat like the original iPad release or iPhone 4 release. Expect to see more craziness at the Beijing and Shanghai Apple stores very soon…

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Source: GlobalTimes via TNW

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