iPad Round House Kicks the Chinese Market Friday

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New Apple Store Opening in Shanghai

Apple announced earlier this week that they will begin the sale of their “magical” iPad at Apple Stores and Authorized Dealers throughout China on Friday Sept, 17th. The release is welcome news to all those Chinese Apple fans out there, although personally I don’t know how I feel about buying stuff from a company whose CEO is moonlighting as a ninja.

Side note: I’m listening to a really great song on my iTouch computer right now.

Unfortunately Chinese consumers won’t be able to purchase the 3G version of the iPad yet due to government restrictions, but they of course will be WiFi enabled. Really the only thing that Chinese consumers have to worry about is the fact that prices for the iPad, like the iPhone 4 here, are absurd! Authorized dealers will charge RMB 3,988 (about US$ 590) for the 16-Gigabyte iPad, and RMB 5,588 (about US$ 827) for the 64 Gigabyte model, Compared to the prices in the U.S. of US$ 499 and US$ 699 respectively for each model.

Apple executives and official retailers aren’t the only ones who are going to make a killing off the new release. “Gray Market” salesmen and women are using the announcement of suggested official Chinese iPad prices to raise their own. The difference is that we all know what Steve Jobs will be spending his iPad sales bonus on (Ninja Stars).

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