It’s An iPhone Hungry Market Out There

Posted by Greg | January 10, 2011  |  1 Comment

One of the hottest things trending on Chinese blogs today actually comes from our neighbors to the east. It seems that China isn’t the only country with a sweet tooth for the iPhone. Apparently the iPhone has been gaining a larger percentage on the smartphone market in Japan. This led one bakery owner to one of the greatest iGeek ideas ever!

That’s right…it’s and iPhone Cookie! 44 year old bakery owner, Kumiki Kudo, first baked these cookies when a customer asked for a special birthday gift for their husband. She posted photos of the delicious looking baked good to different social networking sites. The Japanese pop singer Hirose Kami uploaded some of the photos to her twitter and soon Kumiki was receiving requests for more cookies than she could bake.

The price for one of these delicious creations…2730 Yen (~220 RMB ~US $33). If you’re stupid rich enough to afford a $33 cookie and want to sink your teeth in to one, you’ll have to hop on a wait list. You’ll starve to death if you try saving your appetite for it though, as the wait time is currently a minimum of two months! iNerds will do anything for a taste of their precious Apple…

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Source: M8cool

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