I Wuz Framed! Spy Camera Glasses

Posted by Oliver | December 1, 2010  |  1 Comment

Meet Harriet, everyone’s favorite kid snitch. When she’s not dropping the dime on classmates or scribbling gossip in her notebook, Harriet’s out walking her spy route, keeping America safe from harm. It’s about time Harriet got something for her troubles, and since Christmas is coming we picked her up the perfect gift. So here’s to you Harriet! Rosie O’Donnell’s face on a stick. She already has one? GODDAMMIT! Well… she might like these glasses.

Today we’ll be reviewing Spy Camera Glasses, generic Chinese version™. The glasses are lightweight, portable and discreet; with a 1.3MP camera right between the eyes. Wearing the camera on your face makes keeping up with the action easy, an obvious advantage over other gadgets like spy pens and lighters. You can also use these real sneaky like. While pretending to adjust your frames, just press the small button on the left stem to activate the camera.

The button also allows you to toggle between standby mode, audio/video record mode and photo mode. Pictures are stored as JPEG files, while audio/video is stored as AVI. You will need a TF card (not included) to store data, which slides easily into the stem of the glasses and stays out of sight. The glasses have a USB port, so you can drag and drop your sexual harassment lawsuit and Sistine Chapel tour to your Mac or PC with ease. Use the USB to charge the battery; fully charged, you’ll get about two hours of recording time. More than enough time to shoot award winning porn.

So you’ve gone deep undercover and recorded a bunch of JPEG and AVI files, but how’s the quality? Don’t expect HD. While the user manual claims 1280×960 image resolution, we’re gonna have to call BS. A shame, because we quite liked this manual, and found its lies mostly charming rather than the Chinglish riddled nonsense we’re used to. Instead, you’ll get a sketchy 640×480 that’s especially bad in low light.  No Oscar for cinematography, so how’s the sound? The built in mic is decent up to about two meters, but beware of distortion when recording loud noises. Bad news NARC, asking the dealer you’re working to “stand in the light” and “talk into the frames” might be a tidy way to get punched. A bad idea, since the Spy Camera’s frames are flimsier than OJ’s alibi. While the camera is pretty nicely hidden in ‘em, no care was taken to make the frames comfortable. Unless your beak’s harder than Stonehenge these will probably rub your nose the wrong way.

The Spy Camera Glasses are easy to use, so would be kid friendly, if they weren’t so easy to break… The picture quality’s not good enough to interest serious candid action seekers. They don’t ship with a TF card, so if you’re thinking about ordering these, try to have one included. I suggest browsing the gadget market for similarly priced and better built models, but if you’re looking for ease of use you could do a lot worse!

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