Man Buys Hard-Drive In China, Gets Ripped Off

Posted by Greg | April 13, 2011  |  No Comment

Having a back-up hard drive for your computer is probably a good idea. Most people, myself included, like to use external hard drives to store data because they’re portable and they’re easy to use. I do have to suggest though that when buying an external hard-drive in China you be very careful. A Russian guy recently bought himself a 500GB external hard-drive in a Chinese town near the Russian border, but got less than he bargained for.

That’s right, he got ripped off. That’s a 128MB flash drive stuffed between two bolts that have been inserted to add weight to the otherwise weightless knockoff. The people who devised this dastardly scheme made it so that when the “hard-drive” was plugged in that computer would actually display that the total available room was 500GB. Moral of the story…be careful when purchasing hard-drives at your local Chinese market.

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Source: Jitbit via Gizmodo

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