New Apple Peel 520 Gives your iPod Touch Super Powers!

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The Chinese company, Yosion Technology, has just released what is possibly one of the best iTouch accessories of all time. If you own a generation 1, 2, or 3 iPod Touch but secretly always wanted an iPhone, then this simple gadget is your wet dream. The best part is, it’s a fraction of the cost of an iPhone.

Yosions device, the Apple Peel 520, transforms the iPod Touch into an iPhone by giving owners the ability to make calls and texts with little effort. The Peel fits on the iPod Touch like a bumper, but like a bumper with super powers. It comes with an integrated microphone and speaker which allows for phone calls. One of the benefits of having a microphone on the iTouch is that with the WiFi enabled you’ll be able to use Skype or Google Voice to make calls.

For those of you out there who aren’t willing or able to shell out a cool US$ 700 plus for an iPhone 4, the Apple Peel is priced at RMB 520 (approximately US$ 77) offers a clear solution. One of the most appealing things about the iTouch for us is the fact that it was sooo much less costly than an iPhone but had all the same cool features, minus the phone of course. That’s a pretty big minus in our books though, and it made the choice between the iTouch and iPhone very difficult.

Well with introduction of the Apple Peel 520 the choice has been made pretty simple, as long as you’re not addicted to the internet and need to be online 24/7. We’ve created a table to simplify the equation for you a bit:

Comparison iTouch w/ Peel 520 Contract Free iPhone 4 Contract Free
Storage 32GB 32GB
Voice Yes Duh!
Text Msg Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
3G Service No Yes
GPS/Bluetooth Yes Yes
Talk Time 5 Hours 7 Hours
Standby Time Up to 120 Hours Up to 300 Hours
Total Price US$ 376 US$ 699

To run the apps that allow you to make calls and send texts you’ll need to jailbreak your iTouch. As long as the device is running on iOS 3.0 to 4.0, everything will work fine. Unfortunately since there isn’t a jailbreak yet for iOS 4.1 the Apple Peel 520 can’t be used by the lastest 4th Generation iTouch. As soon as that comes out, we’re sure that Yosion will be making some updates to their software to allow for just that. Can you imagine a 64GB i(Phone)Touch!?

The Apple Peel isn’t without bugs though, not unlike the iPhone 4. According to PConline, the cellular signal is a bit unstable at times and with voice calling, the incoming caller name and number can’t be displayed. With the SMS app, incoming text message notifications don’t show the name of the sender, and you’re unable to send text messages in landscape mode. All of these problems could be fixed with simple software updates, and Yosion is supposedly working on them as we speak (write/read).

Obviously there are a few categories in which the iPhone has the advantage, but lets be honest, you get what you pay for. The iPhone is pretty awesome, but for about half the price you can get a phone that’s basically the same. It also comes in 8 vibrant colors for those with different tastes. In our opinion and based on the cold hard facts, the iTouch + Apple Peel 520 is a winning combo.


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