New Heavyweight Tablet Contender (Video!)

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Over the last few months we’ve seen many a Tablet PC which have tried to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPad, and most quite unsuccessfully, until now. We’ve finally found a Chinese Shanzhai tablet that may be the first to be capable of putting up a real fight against the iPad’s onslaught, and it’s in a totally different weight class.

Ramos has been known for designing some of the best Shanzhai clones in China, but recently they’ve been decided to step up their game. Their latest iPad clone, the W11, although unreleased should prove to be a lovely addition to their line of high quality tech. Although no Ramos product we’ve personally laid our hands on have really been all that great, they sure have showed potential.

The W11 is Ramos’ latest in its line of Tablet PC’s behind the W7 and W9, and has been caught in action on video by an unnamed saint. Unfortunately although photo’s have hit the net, the company has yet to publish much information in the way of specs about the device.

Here’s what we know about it so far. Like the W9 it’s got a 7″ capacitive touchscreen, and runs the quite powerful Android 2.1. We’re only speculating, but chances are it’ll be upgradeable to the much more powerful and coveted Android 2.2. It’s most likely powered by Rockchip’s RK2818 chip, which is also a guess but it’s the logical choice as anything slower than 1GHZ would be a disappointment. Add at least 512 MB of RAM and this will definitely be a tablet we would consider buying, as you should.

Sources: PC Online

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