What Does Android have in Common with Dim Sum?

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Innovation Works, one of China’s largest sources of tech innovations, in cooperation with Foxxcon (Apple’s manufacturing slave) are releasing a “new” operating system to run on Sharp’s two latest smart phones. We put “new” in quotations because it isn’t exactly an independently developed operating system, but none the less it promises to be pretty impressive.

It’s called “Dian Xin”, Mandarin Chinese for Dim Sum, and it’s based heavily on Google’s Android 2.1 OS. This of course goes against the will of Google which officially discourages mobile phone makers from making their own themes based on Android. The “new” operating system does have a few changes that will make it stand out for Chinese customers over the original Android.

Android in China
Android already has a huge following of users in the US and elsewhere around the world but this so far hasn’t been the case in China. The lack of applications designed specifically for use with the Chinese language was one of the main reasons, but the folks over at Innovation Works seem to have come up with a solution.

The Solution
Innovation Works has created its own application workshop store, and now not only can customers download apps directly from the Android Market but they can download more than 1000 applications created to run specifically with the new operating system.

- Social applications such as QQ and RenRen (a Chinese Facebook Clone), are tightly integrated into the OS for a seamless feel.
- Androids powerful network capabilities.
- Excellent music and video playback features.
- Optimization with less powerful hardware, which means a reduction in production cost and price.
- Built-in task manager and system information functions for greater system understanding.

Impact on China’s Mobile Industry
All of this will most likely have a huge impact on the Shanzhai industry, which up until recently was greatly dependent on MediaTek Inc.’s (MTK) low-cost hardware and software to keep prices low and competitive. With this new OS Innovation Works can provide mobile phone makers with a powerful and cheap alternative, and may essentially over night be able to transform the Shanzhai industry from an MTK run one to an “Android” run one.

Final Thoughts
All-in-all the OS should run smoothly on any phone, including anything the Shanzhai industry can pump out. Even though a price for the Sharp’s new SH8118U and SH8128U phones, which will run Dian Xin, has yet to be released I suspect that customers will get a bang for every buck.

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