No Honor Amongst IP Thieves

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It seems that Apple isn’t the only company that worries about their intellectual property being stolen in China. Renowned intellectual property thieves Chinese tech development company, Heiner, is getting a taste of their own medicine and fighting back. Heiner, whose HaiPad is a clear imitation of the Apple iPad, are making efforts to ward off fellow fakers and protect their already questionable branding.

To do this Heiner has redesigned the packaging for their HaiPad M701. This is due to the fact that many of Heiner’s customers were purchasing imitation HaiPad’s which had been placed in boxes almost identical to that of the “original” HaiPad.

The new boxes have a few more distinct characteristics such as the green stripe and full product description. Another way to distinguish between the HaiPad and other counterfeit products is the “return” button located on the front of the tablet. On the M701, like the Apple iPad, the return button brings you back to the home screen, whereas on counterfeit products the button puts the device in to stand-by mode.

Still, one of the most distinguishable features of the HaiPad is that it comes with a remote control, and is currently the only tablet on the market in China with such a feature. In the end I don’t feel all that bad for Heiner considering their own track record.

Source: Shanzhaiben

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