“Rational Customer” to Wait 60 Hours for iPad – UPDATED!

Posted by Greg | September 16, 2010  |  2 Comments

Now we’re not sure if you’ve heard, but Chinese people tend to get stuck in lines (ie: longest traffic jam in history). Unlike most people, Mr. Han is happy to line up, and has been doing so in front of the San Li Tun Apple store in Beijing since 10PM on Tuesday night. All this in anticipation of the official release of the iPad in China on Friday at 10AM. If our math is correct (which is rare) this means that Mr. Han will have been waiting for 60 hours when he finally gets his prize.

Mr. Han, like many in China believes that it is important to respect copyright laws and therefore will only purchase genuinely licensed products. Even though the iPad has been on sale in China for some time now, the sales have all gone through “gray” market retailers who typically sell the iPad just a tad below Apple’s official price suggestions. He plans on buying two of the tablets which are even more expensive than in the US, one of which he’s buying for personal use, and the other to display at his book store. Does that confuse anyone else?

Although Mr. Han is an Apple fan, he only owns an iPod and no other Apple products and claims to be a very rational customer. (We’re sorry, but does waiting in line for 60 hours sound like something a “rational consumer” would do? I don’t think so). Never the less, we wish Mr. Han all the best of luck.


Turns out that Mr. Han got his wish and was the very first to receive his very own (legally sold) iPad! Congratulations Mr. Han! More than 100 crazed happy Apple fans were already lined up in the cold rain by 7:00 AM this morning to be a part of the official released of the iPad in Beijing. Here are some photos of the scene…

Here’s a video of the iPad release in China:

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