Jack Dorsey Coming To China, Bringing Twitter With Him?

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It seems that 2011 may be the year of American social media in China. A re-entry in to China by Facebook has all but been confirmed with it’s probable Baidu partnership. It’s now been rumored that Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and Chairman of Twitter, will be making a trip to Shanghai in May. The rumor has been circulating on Chinese blogs, and people are saying the visit has been confirmed, but the purpose of this trip is not clear so far.

With Sina’s Weibo already dominating the micro-blogging market in China, it’s unclear what chances of success Twitter (which is blocked here) would have if they entered. Even still, Twitter is used by many of the Chinese middle class and elite, as it’s a sign of status. The ability to rebel by using a VPN appeals to many of those who use micro-blogs here as well, and that has already gotten the Twitter name out there.

We’ll keep you updated as more info comes in…

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Sources: TechNode via GizChina

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