Shameless Chinese Knockoff of Plants vs. Zombies Game

Posted by Greg | March 31, 2011  |  3 Comments

Recently a Chinese company showed off their version of PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies game in Guangzhou China. It was uniquely named Plants vs. Zombies. That’s right, not only have they completely ripped off the game concept and design, but they were too lazy to even come up with a new name. What is this world coming to!? The Chinese love to take popular games and make them their own, as they did with the Angry Birds carnival stall back in January, but this is 100% straight shameless plagiarism.

There’s only one difference between the original Plants vs Zombies and the Shanzhai one, and that’s the fact that up to 4 players can play together as it’s an arcade styled game. According to Cloneinchina, the company ShunXiang Technology was rarely even spoken about until it began promoting it’s “New” game. According to Chinese news portal, PopCap Games has confirmed that Shanzhai maker doesn’t have any permission from them to use Plants VS. Zombies’s design and other related content, much less the name.

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More info at ArcadeHeroes

Sources: via Cloneinchina

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