Shanghai Police Crackdown on Shanzhai Sex Drugs

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Turns out that Shanzhai isn’t tech exclusive in China, and the Police in Shanghai are cracking down. It seems that there’s massive counterfeit market for sex drugs such as Viagra. In November 2008, illegal Chinese-made sex pills made headlines when ten men in Singapore died rather gruesome deaths after taking them. For the two years following, Shanghai authorities have struggled to reign in the counterfeit Viagra market but have been held back by a bureaucratic loophole.

These fake pills are potentially deadly, especially to elderly users, because they contain sometimes twice the amount of silenafil, Viagra’s core ingredient. Silenafil works by expanding blood vessels and can cause dizziness, irregular heartbeat and fainting when taken in high amounts.

Head over to the Shanghaiist for the rest of the story.

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