Shanzhai iPhone 5 Beats Steve Jobs To The Punch (Video!)

Posted by Greg | December 17, 2010  |  1 Comment

Shanzhai manufacturers have officially gone above and beyond the call of duty with their latest knock-off. Some how they’ve been able to release an iPhone 5 clone before Steve Jobs — aka the Sith Lord Darth Jobs — has had a chance to have his big day on stage. We told you before that the Chinese were becoming more efficient at releasing clones of popular products, but this is just scary.

The phone is actually knock-off of an iPhone 5 concept that was released on the web recently. Not word on whether or not the concept had anything to do with Apple, but Shanzhai manufacturers jumped at the opportunity to be the first to make one. It’s a pretty crappy phone overall, with a resistive touchscreen, as well as very poor internal hardware specs. Not really much of a surprise there, considering the 700 RMB (~ $106 US).

Source: GizChina

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  1. i have this mobile
    i think its great for the cheap price it cost :)

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