Shanzhai Samsung Nexus S To Be Released

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For those serious Android and Google fans out there like myself, there’s really only one option when buying a new phone, and that’s Google’s own Samsung Nexus S. If you’ve been following Gadgets Republic a while you’ll have seen me profess my obsession with Anroid, but I never mentioned that I personally own the Samsung Nexus S. If I were allowed to use only one word to describe my feelings for the device, it would be LOVE. Shanzhai developers have finally gotten around to making a knockoff, but the question remains….have they done the original justice?

From the outside the Nexus S clone is almost identical with it’s black plastic case and dotted back panel. On the front it’s got a bright 4-inch screen with the same 4-button layout along the bottom (back, menu, search, home), as well as an identically designed ear speaker. On the back the Nexus clone’s got an identically placed camera, LED camera, speaker, and even the signature bump on the bottom of the phone. The one obvious difference is the fact that around the sides of the phone the case has some sort of silver finish instead of black. Based on it’s look I have to admit it’s a pretty sexy device, but once the clothes come off it looses all that sex appeal.

This first thing you look at with any phone is the screen, and in that department the Nexus S Clone designers have failed miserably. Although the screen is a decent 4-inches with a resolution of 480×800, it is only a resistive touchscreen which immediately knocks the phone down a few notches in my books. The device also only runs on an unflattering 460MHz processor and 256MB of RAM which makes multitasking near impossible. Although the device does have WiFi and GPS capabilities, it doesn’t have 3G which is a pretty big deal to most people these days. On top of that, the Nexus S clone only runs on Android 2.2, instead of the beautifully untouched Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread that the genuine Nexus S now runs on.

I desperately wanted to find positives amongst all this negative, and was only able to find two. First, the Nexus S clone comes with a .3MP front facing camera for video chat and a 3.2MP back facing camera which is pretty decent considering everything else. The second positive is it’s rumored price. With an unknown release date, at RMB1000 (~US$ 154) this knockoff is a pretty decent buy, although personally I would just save for the possible decently spec’d Nexus S clones that may come out in the future.

To answer the posed question from before: absolutely, unequivocally, NO! This a pretty terrible clone considering the impressive iPhone 4 clones we’ve seen coming out over the past few months.

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Sources: M8Cool via GizChina

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