China’s Sina Weibo Could Surpass Twitter in the “Micro-blogosphere” This Year

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(correction, Yao is an Actress, not an Actor)

According to market analysts Sina Weibo is due to surpass twitter in number of users later this year. The relatively new Chinese microblogging site has been getting a lot of attention lately, and to be honest, I’m very interested myself. Many call Weibo the Twitter of China, but if that’s true then why the possible change in hierarchy?

By the end of January, Sina’s top-100 micro-bloggers had 198.2 million followers, increase 16% from previous month. This equals 68% of Twitter. Wallace Cheung, analyst of Credit Suisse expects Sina microblog to exceed Twitter by top 100 bloggers’ followers in the second half of this year.

Sina announced back in October that it’s number of users were only around 50 million…but by now that number is sure to have risen drastically. When you consider how much attention Weibo has been receiving recently with some of the social campaigns under way, it shouldn’t be of any surprise. One of the things about most Sina users compared to users on other microblogging sites in China ,such as Tenecent’s QQ, is that the bloggers on Weibo are much more active.

It is active user define the value of a social network. – Sherman So (TechNode)

The perfect example of this is of course the number of followers that the most followed users have. If you take a look at the table (pictured above) you’ll see that even though Weibo has only around 1/4 the number of users as twitter, the number followers the top ten users have is quite comparable. This is even more impressive when you consider that Weibo has only been in existence for not much more than a year. Do YOU think Weibo has the potential to overtake it’s so called “big brother”?

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Source: TechNode

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    Yao is actress, not actor

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