Spock, where the hell’s the power you promised?

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One of China’s many coal burning power plants

Apparently, Chinese scientists have answered Captain Kirk’s question even though according to the space time continuum it hasn’t happened yet. They’ve reportedly made a breakthrough in the recycling of irradiated fuel. This breakthrough will allow the Chinese to boost the usage of uranium materials in nuclear power plants 60 fold!

China Central Television (CCTV) has reported that this discovery will allow China to use and reuse China’s existing uranium resources for up to 3000 years! China’s currently pushing towards replacing all of it’s current coal burning plants (pictured above) with nuclear plants, and this comes as a huge PR boost to that effort. Captain Kirk would will be proud!

Get more of the details here!

Update: For all you haters out there who think that Captain Kirk was actually talking to Scotty instead of Spock (a.k.a Oliver)…you’re wrong. Re-watch Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and you can see for yourself. Also see Spock’s amusing attempt at swearing….

Source: Gizchina

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