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Apple Peel 520 Knockoff Gives Your iPhone Triple SIM Powers! (Video)

We’ve all heard of the Apple Peel 520 and it’s ability to turn the latest generation iPod Touch in to an iPhone 4. Well the guys over at the Shanghaiist have found a sweet knockoff of the Apple Peel that not only has the Peel 520′s transforming abilities, but adds triple SIM card compatibility as well. Personally, I’m not sure what the obsession with multi-SIM compatible phones are but it’s still a pretty cool feature.

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Apple Peel 520 2nd Generation Release Date Announced (Videos!)

After months of rumors Yosion have finally announced the expected release date of the 2nd generation of the Apple Peel 520, their popular iPod Touch transforming device. At the beginning of January they told us of their plans to release a second generation of the popular device, and have been slowly torturing fans with photos and short video clips. With some key features added, the Peel 520 is now better than ever.

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More 2nd Generation Apple Peel 520 Photos Released

Back at the beginning of January Yosion announced that they would be releasing the 2nd Generation of the Apple Peel 520. Well Yosion, the naughty company that they are, decided to be a bit of a tease and release some more photos of the highly anticipated device. Check out a video of some lucky guy getting his hands-on the iTouch transforming 2nd Gen Apple Peel 520.

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2nd Gen. Apple Peel 520 Hands On (Video)

Earlier this month we reported that Yosion Technology, the creators of the Apple Peel 520, have announced that they’ll be releasing a second generation of their popular device. Well, Yosion has been kind enough to release a bit of video of some hands-on action with this sweet piece of tech. The latest generation Apple Peel comes with a few added features, including room for both the back and front facing cameras on the latest generation iPod Touch. Best of all, it seems that the added GPRS capability works, making the transformation from iTouch to iPhone even more seamless.

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Yosion Announce the 2nd Gen Apple Peel 520

It’s been announced that Yosion will be releasing a 2nd generation version of their innovative Apple Peel 520. The original Peel was one of our favorite gadgets of 2010, and with a few additions, this next generation is sure to be a big hit this year.

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ZTE’s Apple Peel is Sprinting to the States Nov. 14th! (Updated)

It’s been revealed that Sprint will be releasing ZTE‘s version of Yosion’s Apple Peel 520 in the US on Sunday, November 14th. There’s no information on how much the actual device will cost, but it will be available with a 1GB date-plan, contract free, for $29.99 a month. That’s right…data plan. ZTE’s version of the Peel will bless any generation iPod Touch with 3G service, thereby turning it into a full fledged smartphone . In theory, you should be able to use the ZTE Peel 3200 on any network you please. Please do enjoy the fruits of Chinese labor.

Update: Sprint will be offering the ZTE Peel for $80. Also, the Peel can support one other device with Wi-Fi, so it’s perfect for those out there with a Netbook of Tablet.

Sources: BGR via Engadget

New Apple Peel 520 Gives your iPod Touch Super Powers!

The Chinese company, Yosion Technology, has just released what is possibly one of the best iTouch accessories of all time. If you own a generation 1, 2, or 3 iPod Touch but secretly always wanted an iPhone, then this simple gadget is your wet dream. The best part is, it’s a fraction of the cost of an iPhone.

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