iFans, Improve Your iLife With An iArm

Although the winter holidays are still a few months away, we’ve found you the perfect gift for any iTardFan. You’ll be amazed at what it can do!

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New Apple Peel 520 Gives your iPod Touch Super Powers!

The Chinese company, Yosion Technology, has just released what is possibly one of the best iTouch accessories of all time. If you own a generation 1, 2, or 3 iPod Touch but secretly always wanted an iPhone, then this simple gadget is your wet dream. The best part is, it’s a fraction of the cost of an iPhone.

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iFans Attacked/Embraced by Apple Employees at iPhone 4 Release!

The wait is over for many Apple fans who today were FINALLY able to officially purchase the iPhone 4! Thousands of excited iFans lined up to be the first in China to be blessed with gods Steve Jobs latest tech for the iLife.

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“Rational Customer” to Wait 60 Hours for iPad – UPDATED!

Now we’re not sure if you’ve heard, but Chinese people tend to get stuck in lines (ie: longest traffic jam in history). Unlike most people, Mr. Han is happy to line up, and has been doing so in front of the San Li Tun Apple store in Beijing since 10PM on Tuesday night. All this in anticipation of the official release of the iPad in China on Friday at 10AM. If our math is correct (which it rare) this means that Mr. Han will have been waiting for 60 hours when he finally gets his prize.


iPad Round House Kicks the Chinese Market Friday

Apple announced earlier this week that they will begin the sale of their “magical” iPad at Apple Stores and Authorized Dealers throughout China on Friday Sept, 17th. The release is welcome news to all those Chinese Apple fans out there, although personally I don’t know how I feel about buying stuff from a company whose CEO is moonlighting as a ninja.


iPhone 4 To Be Released in China…Finally

Some good news in the World of Chinese Apple lovers! The Chinese Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center has just granted Apple’s iPhone 4 with Wi-Fi capability a network access license. Basically, this means that the official version of the Chinese iPhone 4 can now go in to production and could hit the shelves in stores across China as early as sometime in Mid-September.