New Heavyweight Tablet Contender (Video!)

Over the last few months we’ve see many a Tablet PC which have tried to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPad, and most quite unsuccessfully, until now. We’ve finally found a Chinese Shanzhai tablet that may be the first to be capable of putting up a real fight against the iPad’s onslaught, and it’s in a totally different weight category.

Video and Pics after the jump!


BlackBerry Tour 9630 vs. its Shanzhai Cousin

We’ve discovered that there are tons of fun and interesting Shanzhai products in the treasure trove that is the Chinese Grey Market that deserve to go head to head with their genuine counter-parts. Many of these products are also available through Chinese companies looking to share their redesigns with you.

This week we pit the popular BlackBerry Tour 9630 against its Shanzhai cousin. If you were to only take a quick glance at the two phones you would barely be able to notice the differences between the two. Both have sleek contoured designs that would fit easily in to any pocket, and both come equipped with full QWERTY keyboards for quick and easy emailing and texting. But which one of these two will come out on top?


Chinese Program Developers are on FIRE!

Does this phone look familiar to you? If so, it’s because it’s you’re a geek awesome. one of the latest Shanzhai clones based on an HTC Legend, and it’s been released right on the heels of HTC’s own London release event. One of the great things about this phone is that it’s gotten a bit of leg-up on it’s Shanzhai siblings.


Evil Genius Puts iOS 4 on an HTC

It looks like the copycats out there are gonna be out of a job because a Chinese Jedi software developer seems to have found a way to transport using his mind iOS 4 on to an HTC smart phone.


Attack of the (iPad) Clones!

As trends go, there isn’t much that’s trendier than Apple products. The iPad is the latest Apple fad, and people will do just about anything to get their hands on some sort of Tablet PC these days…unlike me. Chinese tech companies such as Ramos and Hainer have caught on and are riding on the coat-tails of Apple’s marketing machine, and boy what a machine it is. Their tablet PC products are a few of the most anticipated clones that are hitting the market.