Shanzhai Gadget Teaches Your Toddler How to Text, Blackberry Style

The Chinese came up with one of the world’s original teaching tools thousands of years ago (i.e. writing), and now they’ve come up with a slightly more modern one. This gadget may look like Blackberry, but it’s in fact a simple water toy like the ones popular in the 80′s. It’s the perfect tool for getting your toddlers used to texting. Good idea to get them started young, as it’ll probably be the only form of communication they’ll be using once they hit age 12.

A couple more pics after the jump!


BlackBerry Tour 9630 vs. its Shanzhai Cousin

We’ve discovered that there are tons of fun and interesting Shanzhai products in the treasure trove that is the Chinese Grey Market that deserve to go head to head with their genuine counter-parts. Many of these products are also available through Chinese companies looking to share their redesigns with you.

This week we pit the popular BlackBerry Tour 9630 against its Shanzhai cousin. If you were to only take a quick glance at the two phones you would barely be able to notice the differences between the two. Both have sleek contoured designs that would fit easily in to any pocket, and both come equipped with full QWERTY keyboards for quick and easy emailing and texting. But which one of these two will come out on top?