I Wuz Framed! Spy Camera Glasses

Meet Harriet, everyone’s favorite kid snitch. When she’s not dropping the dime on classmates or scribbling gossip in her notebook, Harriet’s out walking her spy route, keeping America safe from harm. It’s about time Harriet got something for her troubles…

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Sweet Mini Camera Takes Videos Too!

We took a look at some of the grey markets the other day and came across this Mini Camera that some of the vendors were selling. Upon closer inspection, we realized that this thing not only takes pretty decent pictures (for it’s size) but also records video. It’s really small and actually comes with a motion activation mode that allows you to use it like a spycam. You can see that compared to this 3rd generation iTouch it’s It’s a pretty multi-talented gadget and only cost us 350 RMB (about $50 US). If you’re keen on grabbing one, we found it for about the same price on LightInTheBox.com.

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